History #

The 26500 battery size was first introduced in the late 1990s as a replacement for the traditional 18650 size. This new size was designed to be more powerful and durable, while also being more compact and lightweight. The 26500 battery size was developed by Sanyo, a Japanese electronics company, and was initially used in laptop computers.

Typical Chemistry #

The 26500 battery size typically uses lithium-ion (Li-ion) chemistry. Li-ion batteries are known for their high energy density and long cycle life, making them ideal for applications that require a lot of power. Li-ion batteries also have a low self-discharge rate, meaning they can hold their charge for long periods of time.

Typical Use #

The 26500 battery size is commonly used in a variety of portable electronics, such as laptop computers, digital cameras, and portable media players. It is also used in some electric vehicles, such as scooters and electric bicycles. This battery size is also popular in the medical field, where it is used to power pacemakers and other medical devices.

Design #

The 26500 battery size is designed to be compact and lightweight, while still offering a high energy density. The cells are designed to be thin and flat, making them easy to fit into tight spaces. The cells also feature a built-in safety circuit, which helps to protect the battery from overcharging and overheating. The cells also have a high cycle life, meaning they can be recharged and discharged many times before needing to be replaced.